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Handcrafted Frozen S'mores

S’morecicles are a cool (pun intended) new take on one of everyone’s favorite nostalgic treats! They're frozen, toasted, gooey s’mores on a stick with just a little (okay, a lot) extra on top.

 We make each small batch by hand in Indy and deliver them to you via the S'morecycle bike, our teal 3-wheeler which you'll be seeing around downtown Indianapolis. We can’t wait for you to try them and come back for s’more! 

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Behind the S'mores

 S’mores have always had a way of bringing people together. When I think of s’mores, I think of all the good times spent sitting around a campfire with loved ones - telling jokes, sharing dreams, and toasting marshmallows to perfection.


My hope is that S’morecicles will bring people together, just like those campfire s’mores did, and being together will remind us all to…

Dream S'more.
Laugh S'more.
Love S'more.


Lynsey Delp
Creator & Owner | S'morecicles


Meet the Flavors

Find out where the S'morecycle™is pedaling yumminess next! 

Don't worry, we don't have any spam-flavored S'morecicles... yet! Thanks for joining!

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